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What would a professional charge to remove approx 200 sq. ft of wall paper. I can only imagine time & material, but would be a fair hourly rate.

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  1. It shouldn't take a pro much more than 5-6 hours to remove the wall paper, (but if that is all he has to do he may choose to charge you for a full day.)

    As for the hourly rate, I do not know Washington prices. However, you should be able to call up any local handyman and he should be able to give you a clear indication.

  2. Hello Steve,

    The main factor determining how much time and/or money it will take to remove wallpaper is whether it was hung correctly in the first place. If not, removing it can be a long, messy and difficult process that may require repairs to the wall before a new covering (paint or new wallpaper) can be applied.

    I quote a minimum estimate which assumes all will go well, then charge for the actual time and materials needed.

    Wallpaper that doesn't cooperate" takes 2-3 times longer to remove than wallpaper that "does cooperate."

    I remove a small test area before submitting a quote. Multiple layers of old wallpaper can be tough to remove, adding to the time needed and increasing the total costs. If the original wallpaper was installed on unprimed drywall, it's nearly impossible to take it off without damaging the wall, with drywall repairs adding to the bottom line.

    I have painted over wallpaper against my better judgment which requires oil priming & sealing the edges with caulk but I have had problems with the paper still bubbling up so I don't recommend painting over it.

    Cost runs on the low side of $1.25 sf up to as high as $2.50 sf, this includes removal, skim coat repairing, oil priming, sanding, finish painting & all paint & materials.

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