Wall color for my bedroom?


I have a bright, not neon, light green and white bed spread with light yellow-marigold sheets. It’s the Martha Stewart collection from Macy’s. I have no furniture yet. What color walls and furniture should I get? I really like the vintage style.

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  1. Hi, I am answering this question with only an idea of what colors your bed linens are. If you would be willing to go with a different color sheet, I think a neutral brown tone would look great on the walls. With the colors you already have in the linens and with a brown tone on the wall, it would be more of a natural type of theme. Renwick Beige by Sherwin Williams is a very nice color (see picture), but you could also go lighter or darker depending upon exactly what shade of green your bed spread is. I would also go with a more beige color sheet, either lighter or darker to match. I see that you like the vintage look, and this color would tie into the warn beige/cream tones of vintage furniture. Also, you can find great ornate patterned wallpaper to do on one wall to make a feature wall, this would really make your room stand out. Although vintage furniture sometimes is pricey, you can go to DIY.com and they show you how to give normal furniture a vintage look. Hope this helps!

  2. The bisque color is perfectly match for your bedroom, it will look very nice and create a peaceful mind. The Bulgarian rose is the best color for all furniture which you can get from the furniture shop.

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