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We just had a contractor put in a pressure treated deck. He then sprayed 2 coats of Behr redwood solid stain in between rainy days. It has been 1 week with very hot weather and the deck is still tacky with some areas that seem to be coming off when we are on it with shoes and chairs. Do we still wait this out or is there anything else we can do? We wanted to buy furniture to go on the deck but are afraid to do that just yet.

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  1. Some major problems with your deck;

    1- The deck was stained too soon. Pressure treated wood must be allowed dry before staining. Can take a few weeks or longer.

    2- Two coats of stain. The first would have soaked in a little and the second is on top, forming a film. Films peel on a deck!

    3- "Sprayed 2 coats of Behr redwood solid stain in between rainy days." The wood was wet. The stain can't dry when the wood is wet.

    Get the contractor to completely remove all stain from the floor. Allow to dry for a few weeks then restain.

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