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I stained a new deck 3 yrs ago with Sikkens translucent. It is time to reapply a stain. I’ve heard that you should NOT sand a deck to remove the former stain because it closes the pours of the wood and prevents the stain from penetrating as it should. They recommend just using either a cleaner or stripper, brightener and then stain……….no sanding.

Is that correct or is sanding a good thing to do after powerwashing on a deck in very good condition. I would think that using a cleaner, powerwashing and then lightly sanding would be the way to go, but have been advised not to sand. Thoughts………………

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  1. Sanding isn't a problem for softwoods but can close the pores of hardwoods. In this case it is necessary to wipe the wood with acetone to flash open the pores.

    If your deck is in good condition just use a good deck cleaner/stripper and maybe do some fine sanding on handrails. If you decide to sand the floor, light or heavy sanding, make sure to sand all of it so the floor will have the same look after staining.

    FYI- Sikkens is really good stuff. Great choice!

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