Restaining instead of painting.


After stripping the metal front door, I would like to either paint or stain the door the color of wood. What product do I purchase to use? Also the doors get weather beaten. The doors face the west side of the home.

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  1. Is the door surface embossed, has a wood grain texture? If it does everything will be easier. If not you will need to add the grain using some graining tools and techniques.

    Door surface embossed; this type of surface is fairly easy to stain but the door will need a neutral (light-medium tan) base coat or primer applied before staining. Staining is the same as with any embossed fiberglass door. Check out <a href="">Staining a Fiberglass Door</a> for more information.

    Door surface smooth; this will be difficult to do. This surface will require the same base coat as above but the stain will need application using wood graining tools. Check out <a href=""Oak Wood Graining Using Stain</a> and <a href="">Types of Wood Graining Tools</a> for more information.

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