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I have heard Polyester Paint is a good choice for cabinets. I asked at a local paint store (not a box store) and got the run around. What is Polyester Paint? Can this paint be sprayed with a HVLP gun? What type of primer is used under this paint? Can the primer as well as the finish be water sanded? How many coats of the primer and finish is best? Can you buff the last finish coat for a deep glossy shine? Where is the best place to get this paint? Any help would be great. Thanks, Chuck

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  1. The term polyester paint refers to the resin used not the type of paint. This is where the paint store was confused. Modified polyester resins typically are lower quality than other resins on the market, making them harder to find. A good cabinet paint that can be sprayed with a HVLP sprayer is either a emulsified oil/acrylic (AKA water-based oil), a standard alkyd paint or a catalyzed polyurethane paint. The catalyzed poly is a type of machinery/heavy equipment paint that is very tough but pricy when compared to other easier to find paints.

    For cabinets the main thing to keep in mind is a hard surface, the paint needs to dry and cure hard. This will minimize water damage and scratches.

    The primer depends on the paint but you want a sandable primer. If using a HVLP sprayer count on 2-3 coats of primer. The paint is the same coats, more if you want to buff the final coat. Buffing isn't needed if you choose a high gloss sheen and apply enough coats for a even look.

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