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Hi, I just hired someone to paint a bedroom. It is a room with high humidity located under an unfinished attic. The plaster walls are fine but the plaster ceiling started bubbling and peeling immediately. I know he plastered and primed prior to painting. He thinks adding additional insulation above the ceiling or perhaps sheetrocking the ceiling and then painting would solve the problem. We do not know what type of paint was used on the ceiling originally. I had repainted it around 5 years ago with latex ceiling paint which started bubbling which is why I had a painter redo. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. Sand it then reprime it using a Pigmented Shellac Sealer Primer, then finish coat with Sherwin Williams or Behr acrylic paint…

  2. Thank you. I was just told that I have an air flow problem in the unfinished attic above and a roof vent/soffit vent and additional insulation was recommended before proceeding with any further painting as there appear to be moisture spots on the ceiling. Is acrylic paint a latex or something different? My son was going to texture with joint compound using no paint as he has done in another bedroom with no problem. Two people have told me now that failing to solve the moisture problem prior to do anything more to the ceiling would might lead to further failures to anything adhering. Does that seem reasonable? Thanks!

  3. Latex and acrylic are the same thing, all modern paints are acrylic. Any moisture problems need fixing before anything else, no texturing or painting until this is done. If this problem isn't fixed now then failures/bubbling will happen again.

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