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We employed a painting contractor to paint the exterior of our house. The PC failed to do any prep work prior to painting our house, nor did he cut in the trim work around the doors and windows. When confronted with his performance….. he merely stated that all painting contractors do the same procedure. Then we had an issues with our deck….. the PC painted our deck and five days later after a rainy day… the paint started peeling and blistering off our deck. Our PC failed to apply a coat of primer before he painted our stained deck. The problem we have now and my question is…… how do we repair the work our Painting Contractor completed?

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  1. As unacceptable as this seems, visit a local paint dealer and ask for a couple of names of PC's which they know might help you in this situation. Sounds like you got bitten and will likely be most unhappy in paying someone to fix what you payed to do wrong. I suggest this as in most states there is no "Painters review" board and therefore nowhere for you to turn legally. There are honest and reliable painters out here and your local paint dealer is usually the best source for such names. A further suggestion, if the retail outlet is not neatly kept, do not ask for names of painters, try a different store.

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