Painted door with wood trim?


I have an older home with dark stained wood crown moldings and baseboards and a newer french door. I recently painted the room a light color and chose to paint the door a shade darker than the walls. Is it okay to leave the trim stained, or should I paint the trim as well?

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  1. I would absolutely leave the trim as it is. I LOVE the dark wood trim. It look great with the light walls. In my opinion white walls and light trim would look too washed out. The trim looks good with the bookcase and brick in the picture. LOOKS GREAT!! Hope this helps some…

  2. AGREE! I would leave the dark stain on the trim of the door. It accents the book cases and makes the room stand out more. I also think that is brings out more detail in the room, painting it a lighter color would make the room boring without much detail.

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