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Painted ceiling 5 times each time going in opposite direction. Used a Purdy 1/2″ roller. Keep it wet, when ceiling is dry it looks like I missed a lot of places. 3 different people have painted the ceiling. I’ve watch them and I know the paint is going on good. The roller pad leaves a shadow look. It shows bad.

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  1. Using cheap paint or paint that YOU Think is high quality… will cause this, along with poor skins (roller covers) made cheaply… try using a better quality brand, along with Sherwin Williams roller covers… 3/8 in nap is fine for ceilings…

    BTW so called "ceiling paint" is a misnomer… a gimmick to make you thing it it made especially for ceilings… in actuality any good brand can be used, shy of enamels… a flat finish is best for most ceilings… use semi in baths, kitchens, halls…

    In retrospect I really think your rolling application technique is at fault… the skill of applying paint with a roller, without leaving laps, misses, or as you site "shadows"… requires lots of practice… and "going the opposite direction" is no cure for improper application technique…

    I have a web page you can reference on rolling ceilings if you like: //

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