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I moved into an apartment in July. I noticed the paint job was kind of messy, since there was paint on the wood doors and floors in some places–I just assumed the maintenance men had done a sloppy job. Weeks go by and I think I start noticing new white spots of paint in new places; I assume I just hadn’t noticed them before. Now there is paint (at least, I believe it’s paint since it is the same color as the walls and hard) on my microwave & toaster oven — both of which were in-the-box brand new when moving in. Now, on top of that, it is now on my TV screen. The spots will not move either with using a dry microfiber cloth or a damp microfiber cloth — in fact, using distilled water seemed to make the spot worse.

Does paint typically flake off and attach itself to items like that? The paint spots on the floor won’t come off when I vacuum, dry mop, and wet mop using special wood floor cleaner. What kind of paint would do that? How should I approach my landlord about that? Or is something else going on?

As a side note, my apartment was built before 1979 as I had to sign a paper acknowledging that there may be lead in the apartment. My landlord seemed to indicate that there hadn’t been any complaints about lead previously, but I’m not sure if he’s done any testing for lead paint, since he’s not legally obligated.

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  1. This is weird, paint doesn't normally act like this. I suppose it could be possible for small 'flakes' or particles to come off a surface and land elsewhere. If this is happening then it is a major failure of the paint film.

    Have you talked to your neighbors about this problem? Are they noticing the same thing?

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