Off white brick & stucco home at beach. What trim colors would work?


Off white brick & stucco home. What color can I use, I like medium/blue, to paint shutters, large wood 2nd floor deck and front door. I am lost wondering which elements to consider. Insider trim! Oh, this home is on an ocean block.

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  1. Really it's your choice! Blues would work, but Aqua might be better… yellows too… take a ride up to your local Sherwin Williams store and have a look at what's there…

  2. Sounds like your leaning towards a Mediterranean style, basic white house with brightly colored accents. This could work but depends on the house style. Some color combinations that might work are blue and gold or rusty red with almost black/blue. There are many possibilities, drive around your neighborhood and see what color combination are used. This is a great way to get "inspired."

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