Mud/Tape lines showing through paint?


I hired a painter to paint a new home that has not been previously painted. It was textured about 6 months ago, and has just been painted. I’m concerned, because there are visible lines, mostly in the ceilings, that look darker where the mud/tape lines were. The painter’s explanation is that there was not enough mud on the walls between the mud lines, and that’s why I’m seeing the lines. In other words, the drywall is absorbing more of the paint than the areas where the mud lines are making visible lines.

Does this sound right? Was it not prepped right? The painter told me he put a primer coat and a color coat. He is using Dunn Edwards VersaSatin paint. What can be done to fix this?

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  1. If I understand this correctly; what you are seeing is caused by absorption of the primer and finish and not a physically thick area or line? Technically, the primer should have sealed the entire surface allowing for an even look when painted. It is possible that your ceilings need another coat of paint to give an even look (without the lines). Painting another coat on one ceiling would prove or disprove this idea.

    If the areas are physically different than the surrounding areas, different texture causing the lines, than no amount of primer or paint will change this.

    I would repaint or add another coat of paint to one of the ceilings. Maybe a bedroom ceiling, not too big but easy to see the lines. If the ceilings looks good after the paint dries then all ceilings need repainting.

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