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I have been searching high & low for some sort of certificate/workshop that teaches basic painting techniques. Painting is an art & I would like to gain hands-on experience of proper painting techniques. I live in NYC. Any Suggestions?

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  1. Go to all of your local home improvement stores. Many of them offer a variety of classes on all kinds of painting techniques, basic and complex. If you can't find what you are looking for here, try community colleges that offer continuing education classes. Frequently they offer classes that include construction and painting techniques.

  2. Just look around for a good painter near you. You can ask him whether he is free for some time so that he can teach you the basic techniques. As much as you practice on it, you become more good at it. Its an art so don't take it as a work, it can make you relax sometime. So look for a good painter. All the very best!

  3. For starters I suggest that you try using paint pad pro. You will surely get the results but you won’t understand the technique. But once you are done with it you can try your hand on rollers and brushes.

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