How do I clean my cedar siding?


I am about to clean and restain my cedar siding. The current stain is about 8 years old and it has a lot of mildew on it. What product and method would you recommend to clean it? What brands would you recommend for restaining? Is Behr or Sherwin Williams any good?

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  1. A solution of clorox and water is what we use to clean our siding jobs. Spray onto damp siding, allow 10 – 12 minutes to work, then rinse. Repeat if necessary.

    As to the product, in the last 3 years I have had recurring problems with the Sherwin-Williams Wood Scapes Exterior stain and mildew within 2 -3 months. I do not trust the Behr products as to durability. MY experience is that Pittsburg Paints makes a good quality exterior siding stain.

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