How can I tell if my cedar sided house was stained or painted?


My cedar sided house needs to be restained, or so I thought. I thought the last painter stained. The new painter that was giving me a quote indicated that the last guy used paint. He said he saw evidence of bear wood and peeling. He further indicated that if it was painted, the next refresh must be paint and not stain. How can I tell if it was stained or painted?

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  1. Paint peels and stain fades. At least this applied to oil base stains. Some acrylic stains, if applied thickly, can also peel but peeling stain feels different than paint.

    Yes, if your house has paint on it now then it will have to have paint in the future. This is a bummer as cedar siding is best stained not painted. Your painter will know for sure when pressure washing, old stain usually comes off easily while paint can fight to the bitter end.

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