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We have a 2 story home with chocolate brown siding on the upper story and white sand stone brick on the first floor. We are getting a new front door with side lights on each side. What color would look best for the front door? We have had suggestions of dark red but we cannot see this looking good.

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  1. I would probably go with reddish brown or brazilian cherry color, to contrast the white sand stone brick. My second choice would be ebony, and my third choice would be a nice teak wood color.

  2. A light tan would go great with the house. Imagine a mix between your two colors. Imagine if you took those two shades of paint and mixed them together, that shade is the shade you need. It would maintain the neutral earth colors that you already have going for your home. An alternative would be going with the exact chocolate color that you have on your upper story, it would create a nice pattern and the eyes would adjust to easily.

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