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My fence is mostly horizontal rough wood with one section vertical planed wood and a vertical planed wood gate. It was painted by the previous house owners with a waterbased green stain. After 10 years in the house, It had faded a lot so I’ve repainted it with a Sadolin waterbased green stain. I brushed it down first to remove dust etc. It looked lovely when dried out but when it rained it turned back to wet paint and developed runs. Once it stops raining it dries out again, although the runs dry out darker. Every time it rains, it turns wet again. (see pic 1). Another problem is that in some parts of the planed wood gate, the new paint separates. Two workers from Crown looked at it but couldn’t offer any definite cause. They suggested painting over it with a thicker paint but that would cover the wood grain and has a sheen, which I don’t want. I’m looking for any possible causes and solutions.

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  1. In retrospect I actually can think of one other thing to try first (try a sample area about 3ft x 3ft)… After 24hs dry time from last rain, wipe off drips etc with rag and Alcohol then coat the surface with Helmsman Spar Varnish, use Clear and use a Satin Finish…

    If it works for the next rain… finish the job with this method, else resort to my previous answer's method…

  2. Unfortunately at this point you really have only one option… Paint it with Exterior Oil Base House paint (color of choice), but first you MUST Prime it (after 24hrs dry time after rain and after wiping off any drips etc with rag and Alcohol) with an Exterior Oil Base Stain Sealer…

    Use high quality materials from Sherwin Williams for best results… Good Luck!

  3. Causes: Problem with the stain. Another possibility is wet wood when stain was applied. Could be cheap stain or a bad batch. I'm not familiar with the brand so I can't say if it is a good stain. You might want to contact the manufacture for more info.

    If it was me, I would pressure wash and use Simple Green (injected into the pressure washer). This wouldn't be a hard wash, just get off what wants to come off. Allow to dry completely then restain with Sherwin Williams Woodscapes solid colored stain.

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