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Hi, I have just been reading through your advice on the web site and need guidance. My mother-in-law lives in Lithuania in a wooden house as is the norm, the house was built in the 1950’s by her father who was a carpenter. The house is 100% wooden construction with 2 floors, I have no idea the type of wood used but is still in very good condition. My wife has asked if I would be prepared to visit her mother next year with a view to painting the whole exterior of the house as it has been 10 years since it was last painted, my problem is I have only ever lived in a Brick construction here in the UK, so I’m looking for advice on paint type..the regional temp ranges from -30 in winter to +30 in summer, I fully understand the prep work requirements needed. Can you please help?

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  1. As being from the States, you might imagine my concern at your mention of -30 and +30. Then I realized you must be discussing Celsius.

    As for the proper coatings, I would suggest you buy the materials local to the project.

    Preparation would be nothing out of the normal as you would need to scrape any loose or peeling coatings, prime and finish with 2 coats of top quality paint.

    These temperature are no more extreme than what can be found here in the States so I know there are products available.

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