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I have a small 2 bedroom house and the exterior is all in masonite siding. Currently it a medium-light blue and I’m getting ready to change the color of it. My neighbors’ houses are Green on on side, pale mauve on the other and one two houses down that is an off-pink. I don’t know what kind of color scheme to use- light or dark?

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  1. Dark colored houses generally do not appeal to buyers as light colored houses do. Also, dark paint, inside or out, highlights any and all imperfections. Given the color scheme that seems to be shaping up in the neighborhood, you might go with a soft dove gray with black trim or bright white trim, or even a dark cranberry trim. Use one of those colors (that you don't use for the trim) for the front door. Dove gray would balance nicely between the mauves, pinks and greens, but still be handsome and fresh looking.

  2. A dark color scheme would hide any cracks or seams. It depends on rather you want to conform to the neighborhood or be an individual. If you go with light it will more fit in to the other houses. However, if you go with dark it will make your house stand out more.

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