Elastomeric paint on wood siding?


I would like to know if elastomeric paint can be used on wood siding? Also, what is the difference, if any, between elastomeric paint and flex coat paint? Thank-you

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  1. Some elastomeric coatings can be applied over wood siding. This depends on the manufacture. You will need to ask the paint store clerk if their elastomeric can be used for this purpose.

    I've never used Flex Coat so I don't know anything about it.

  2. Assuming your siding was previously painted with a latex-based paint…I would wash the siding with t.s.p. , rinse, and, apply a good 'satin' acrylic paint. Elastomeric is a rubbery coating that does not 'breathe' to any great extent. It is also quite 'soft' and does not self-clean with rainfall or a hose as readily as a 'harder coating'. It is very good for stucco but expensive.

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