Primer on just one spot?

I have a round spot of water stain on my ceiling. I have primed the spot to cover it up before I paint the entire ceiling. Do I have to prime the entire ceiling or am I okay just priming the one spot?

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Primer on outside wood?

Can I leave a primed piece of wood outside in the rain after it has dried for several hours? Should I cover it with vinyl to keep it unexposed? thanks

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Redoing feature wall in bedroom.

In a recently purchased home there are feature walls in all of the bedrooms. I want to paint over with same color as other 3 walls. My question is there was enamel paint on feature wall, I have covered with KILZ enamel. I want to apply texture over Kilz, will

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Glazing Over Oil Based Paint

I painted my fireplace mantle with a tan colored oil base paint. My intent is to glaze and/or distress the mantle using glaze. I hate the oil based glaze I bought….Is it possible for me to use a water based glaze over an oil based paint?

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Cutting-in in stages.

Can I cut in the rooms (I have several I’m doing with high ceiling and lots of corners!) ahead of time? I have back problems and can’t afford to hire a painter. I wondered if I could do it in stages over say a two week period? Then I could

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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Hi, I am refinishing a set of oak kitchen cabinets from a light oak to a medium walnut color. The interior, of course, is light. Should I leave them the light color or should I darken the inside as well? If I darken them what method should I take? What

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Touch-Up Paint Is Shiny

We recently built a new home, and had the painting done professionally. I wanted the very best paint I could buy, and after doing my research, I decided on Behr Premium Plus. The painter told me how much paint to buy of each color, but when he was done, I

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Why chalky spots appear on wall?

I recently painted one of my son’s bedrooms and months later there are chalky spots appearing in different area of the wall. We used a latex multipurpose interior primer before we painted. This happened a few years ago when we painted this same room. That’s why we thought we should

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How do I fix bleeding spots on a ceiling?

I am having problems with my upstairs bedroom ceiling. It is an old house and I recently had the ceiling stippled. There were brown spots that came through the stipple. At one time there had been some water damage in one spot only. The spots are on the north and

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