Exterior Paint Chips Off Easily

I had my exterior re-painted one year ago. The house looks great, but when I bump against it with anything (broom handle, hose spray tip, outdoor furniture, even a strong nick with a thumb nail!) it will chip and you see old color. It was dark red (maroon) and is

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Matching old stain to get even color.

I’m a student at a local school for cabinet making and right now we are doing restoration. I just stripped a very badly refinished rocking chair with a dark brown stain (walnut I think). But I had to do a a lot of sanding on the joints of the seat

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I’m painting the interior walls of a building w/ latex. There is about 4 ft. of block walls then channeled steel siding above that. There is foam in between the “channels” and the block. The foam is damp and the steel siding is rusted. Can I caulk w/ paintable silicone

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How do you prepare well painted trim boards?

I live in a relatively new house (10 years old) and I am wanting to re-paint the exterior windows. Paint is only starting to peel in small sections at the bottom of the trims. I was just wondering as the paint is pretty good in the other areas is it

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Painting With Eggshell

I just painted my living room walls with the best paint Lowes has, latex eggshell sand color. I had to do 2 coats because it looked uneven in areas. Now it has too much sheen and almost looks like semi-gloss. Can I just paint over with flat?

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