Applying Wood Stain Then Finishing With Tung Oil


Can I stain a piece of wood first to a color of choice and then finish with Tung oil? Also does Tung oil need a protective finish coat when the final coat is on and dry?

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  1. Any oil based wood stain can be applied before finishing with several coats of Tung Oil. Allow the stain to fully dry overnight and apply thin coats of Tung Oil, typically 2-3 applications of Tung Oil is enough. (Take a look at Applying Tung Oil for more information.)

    When using Tung oil as a final coat, it is typically not necessary to apply an additional protective finish over it. Tung oil cures to a hard finish that provides protection, so adding another finish coat may not be needed. However, if you desire additional protection or a different level of sheen, you can choose to apply a topcoat over the Tung oil. Just ensure that the Tung oil has fully cured before applying any additional finishes. Test compatibility between the Tung oil and the topcoat to avoid any issues such as bubbling or poor adhesion. A spar varnish would be the recommended top coat.

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