When you have a deck, it is almost always a focal point of your home’s exterior, whether the finish is in good shape or not! A deck that looks great adds to your home’s curb appeal. One that’s in poor condition can do more than reduce your home’s resale value. It can be a liability if someone is injured.

All decks benefit from regular refinishing. This means a complete sanding and restaining should be planned every 3-4 years.

If this sounds like a lot of work, it’s because wood deck refinishing is! But it is also well worth the investment in time and materials. It is a job you can do yourself, though you can always choose to .

We encourage you to read through the deck refinishing articles we have here. They’ll help you do a job that lasts for the maximum possible time. They will also help you choose a contractor who will deliver the results you have the right to expect.
Newly stained wood deck.

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