Using the correct paint primer or sealer will help guarantee that your paint will grip the surface, increasing the overall quality and durability of your paint job. Far too often I see the results of pinching pennies and not using a good primer.

Your exterior house paint can last 10 years or longer by using the correct type. By not using it on raw unpainted areas you are assured of early failure of the paint film, resulting in peeling. A properly sealed surface is just as important for interior painting. Porous surfaces, such as raw drywall or plaster, and sealing water stains are just a couple of examples.

Paint primers exist in many forms and serve a variety of functions. Their uses around your home are limited only by the surfaces that you want to paint.

There are 3 Basic Types of Paint Primers to Choose From

Priming exterior wood.
There are other types of primers on the market, specialty primers. These types are designed for a single purpose and often a single type of surface. This short list represents the most general types and is the ones most often used.

Each type has its own set of uses. This depends on the surface condition and environment. Another consideration is the type of material that will be painted and whether you need an exterior or interior primer.

Get The Most From Your House Paint

For lasting results, proper interior and exterior surface preparation combined with the right sealer will build an effective barrier against stains and moister plus promote full adhesion of the house paint.

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