Painting over sharpie,,,,Lost cause?


OK, so we have been renting this house for about three years and have a 3 year old and an 20 month old. We are moving and need to paint, but the problem is after three years and two toddlers the walls are in need of some serious love, there is a about 2 dozen BLACK SHARPIE scribbles around the house and I have to paint the house WHITE!!! I need some suggestions on how (if possible) I should cover the marker. I’ve tried common household cleaners, nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, and goof off with no success! If anyone has any suggestions that would be great thank you!!

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  1. You can remove the marker with Off Bug Spray. It will discolor the existing paint, but since you are repainting anyway, it shouldn't matter. Try this trick before you prime and paint. Good luck!

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