The Perfect Paint for Playrooms


More and more families are focusing on providing their children with a designated playroom in the house. While this helps control the toy related clutter in other areas of the house, it can be challenging to figure out how best to decorate this child-oriented room.

Traditional painting does not seem to be quite enough to give the room the look and feel that you and your children ultimately want for the space. Instead of settling for beige, break into some perfect playroom colors and paint designs to create a playroom with pizzazz.

Primary Perfection

Red, yellow, and blue are the perfect preschool playroom color combination. Not only are they ideal for teaching children about colors, but they are also playful and plentiful. The colors are used in many types of children’s furniture, toys, and decorations which makes it easy to coordinate your entire playroom. Consider installing blue carpeting and painting the walls a pale yellow. Accent the space with red furniture and child-drawn artwork that is framed in red frames. Paint flowers in shades of red, blue, and yellow on the walls for added visual interest and cheer.

Not a Stick in the Mud

Stick people in today’s modern decors are far from the stick-people of old. In fact, painting whimsical stick people on a playroom’s walls is a great way to bring cheer and happiness to all who enter. Use basic shapes to create the people and give them features that resemble the children who will be playing in the room. For example, if your daughter has curly, blonde hair, give one of the stick children the same style hair. Your children will delight in seeing themselves rendered as wall art.


When people think of pastels, they usually think of a baby’s nursery. While pastels are perfect for such a room, they are also great for a playroom. Children spend a lot of time playing and using a lot of energy while in their play space, so the contrast of the soft pastel colors can help calm and soothe them. Pale pink and light blue are perfect for such rooms and can be found with a variety of different undertones to coordinate with the rest of the decor. White, natural, or light furniture is ideal for coordinating with such pastel wall shades.

Decorating a child’s playroom can be challenging, because the focus is usually on the toys. Forget about the need for organizational materials when selecting the color scheme and go with a color that will meet the needs of your child and the space that you are creating. If you want the room to flow with the rest of the house, choose undertones that are similar to what you already have in adjacent rooms. This can be the perfect way to transition from space to space. One key point to remember about any paint used in a child’s playroom is that it should be low-odor and washable. Wiping down the walls after some hard playtime is much better than having to repaint the wall.

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