Repainting Your Home? 5 Things to Consider


Repainting your home may sometimes seem easy but it’s actually a quite complicated process. If you want to get the job done right, you can’t just grab your roller and start painting. Instead, you need to plan the entire process through and tackle the project as carefully as possible. To get started, you might want to take a closer look at our list of 5 things you need to consider when repainting your home.


Colors can have a huge impact on our minds. So, if you want to bring new energy into your home, you need to choose new colors wisely. When it comes to paint colors, hunter green and misty blue are extremely popular at the moment. However, this doesn’t mean you have to opt for either of the two. Just think about whether you prefer neutral colors or you’d like to experiment with bold ones. Luckily, there are so many paint colors you can opt for, meaning that you should be able to find something you like. Also, think about combinations and whether you should use more than one when repainting your home.


While there’s no clearly set ideal time to repaint your home, you might want to start your project in the warmer months. This is the case because the amount of time your fresh coat of paint needs to dry depends on the temperature. Bear in mind that there’s a minimum outside temperature for repainting your home. If you’re about to start a repainting project, it’s recommended that you check the weather forecast for the next few days. Bear in mind that due to unexpected events, your project could end up lasting a day or two longer than what you anticipated.


No matter if you decide to go DIY or you hire professional painters, preparing your home for this big project is a must. First of all, you need to prepare your walls for repainting them. Clean them and remove any dirt and debris before you actually start painting. The next thing you should do is start preparing the tools you’re going to use for painting. We’re talking about things such as covering, ladders, rollers, and brushes. In order to avoid breaking or damaging your personal items while repainting, you can move them to your storage unit. Just make sure you turn to a company that offers truck rentals and have them move your things to a storage unit.


Sometimes, a home repainting project can seem much easier than it actually is. In fact, it can feel good for the first few hours. However, projects like this tend to get boring over time and many homeowners end up not finishing their walls as they thought they would. Finishing is an extremely important part of repainting your home and it requires you to be focused on the task just as much as you were at the beginning. This also means you might need to take an extra day off to get the project done. If you don’t think you’ll be able to give the perfect finish to your walls, hiring professionals is a much better idea.


Not only does a home repainting project take too long, but it can also be quite costly. This means you need to avoid overspending and one of the best ways to do this is to count how much paint you’re going to need. Once you crunch the numbers, make sure you buy some extra paint just in case. And it’s always helpful to have some old extra paint in your garage in case you need to repaint one of your walls again in a year or two. In case you’ve decided to hire professional painters, identifying local painters who aren’t expensive and will get the job done is a must.

While repainting your home is tough, as long as you come up with a plan, you’ll do fine. The most important thing you need to do is decide whether you’ll tackle the project yourself or you’ll bring in experts who’ll be able to do it for you. Bear in mind that the latter option will also require you to spend some extra money.

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