Painting Techniques to Make a Room Look Bigger


Living in city life, we often find that our house is smaller than we envisioned while decorating. But usually, the appearance of the house has more to do with colour choices than actual space! Colour shades change our perception of the house. Moreover, wall paintings are the easiest and the most cost-effective artifice to make a home look bigger, along with giving it a diverse array of shades and hues!

When it comes to painting walls specifically to make your rooms look more spacious, there are many tricks and hacks you can follow. So here are some painting techniques you can quickly put into effect.

Colour Strips: Highlight the Horizontal Features of the Wall

To make your room more spacious, emphasise the horizontal features of your room to create the illusion of a wider appearance. Try to go for warm colour strips onto a plain coloured surface, without the undertones. The more vibrant the colour strips are, the visually wider the room will appear to be.

Accent walls: Create Polarity of Colours

There is a fundamental difference between light and dark colour shades. Light colours reflect natural light; dark colours absorb the light. To make your rooms look larger, apply a contrastive duo of two different shades of colours on your wall. For instance,

  • If you want to keep your wall white, the accent wall colour can be in cool tones like Electric blue or Aquamarine.
  • If you prefer a warm accent colour (red/ orange) more, go for citrus colour shades

As long as your furniture around the room coordinates with the accent colour, you have the freedom to pick your preferred shades.

Neutral Color Palettes: Add Natural Light Reflection

Neutral colour palettes are the light colour shades of undertones, but not colours themselves. Colours like Aquamarine, Periwinkle and Tiffany blue are great neutral shades of blue for smaller interiors. Likewise, you could go for a neutral tone of white, grey, beige or ivory that complements the overall aesthetic of your room and makes it look visually broader.

Ceilings with Lighter Colours: Raise the Apparent Height of the Roof

The vertical aperture of your house between the ground and the ceiling also determines how spacious your home is. A small house with high ceilings allows sufficient natural light reflection. So, it’s important to paint your ceilings at least two shades lighter than your wall colours.

A Counterintuitive Idea: Bright Colours for Pillars-Columns

A simpler alternative to accent painting can be painting columns and pillars with bright, vibrant colours. The space in your room depends on the placement of the columns and the components in your room. Even though these occupy a portion of your area, they’re crucial for structural stability.

Colouring these pillars can be a great way of making your rooms appear more prominent. In this case, the walls must be in neutral or white in shades. This idea of exposing the columns of the rooms may seem to be ineffective at the beginning, but it only highlights the smooth surfaces of your walls, both vertically and horizontally, and makes them look wider than usual!

Thematic Colour Choices: Colour Coordination in Your House

Even if your furniture makes your room narrower, it’s impossible to get rid of it altogether. To fix the problem, you have to make a juxtaposition between the colours of your furniture and your walls.

  • If most of your furniture is black or brown, go for more cooling shades in your room
  • If your furniture is mostly white, you’ll need to focus on your furniture by going with accent walls or contrastive colour strips

Overall, it’s safe to say that the right colour choices can resolve most of your problems when it comes to making your house interior appear bigger.

It’s important to be able to carry off the painting ideas you have in mind for your rooms just the way you plan. To avoid the hassles of an inexperienced outcome, you need professional assistance. Many professional painting companies provides expert residential painters all over Sydney. For any painting consultancy regarding your smaller house, you can have their full assistance and service.

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