Setting the Stage for a Long Lasting Exterior Paint Job

It is amazing that a thin film of primer and paint last as long as it does. Exterior house paint has to stand up to the most extreme conditions than nature and man can dish out. Not to mention, your home and all buildings, are constantly moving around and breathing.

Your home moves and breathes as the temperature raises (expansion) and fall (contraction). In addition wood is continuously moving, splitting and warping. When you add the weather with wind, dust, rain, hail and snow it makes it even harder on your exterior paint projects.

We’ve all seen paint peel within a few years. It’s usually a sign that proper exterior paint preparation was overlooked. If you follow the best exterior house painting tips and use the best quality materials, you can add years to the life of the house paint job. It should be years before you need to repaint.

Because so many people find it difficult to take the time needed for proper exterior paint prep work, it can be a smart investment to hire a professional painting contractor.

When choosing a professional paint contractor make sure proper exterior paint preparation is included in the proposal. As you take a look around the house, you may see some obvious repairs. A professional painter should point these out to you. If the contractor doesn’t do this, reject the bid.

You should expect to find some repairs included in the proposal. Having one contractor that will complete the entire project from prep, through repairs, to final paint will make your life much easier, but it may not be the best route to take. Each painter has different qualifications. Not every painter has strong carpentry skills.

You also need to be aware that repairs could require the need for a building permit and inspection. In the USA you can contact your local building authority for more information.

It can never be stressed to often that using the best quality painting products, knowledge and experience will result in less maintenance and repairs for the future. With proper and complete exterior paint preparation you will make it possible for your house paint to last you 10 years or more. This is the ultimate goal.

Exterior Paint Preparation includes scraping loose and peeling paint.

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