Painting wood paneling problem.

I thought I did everything right. I wanted to repaint some 50 year old dark wood paneling in my den. I cleaned the paneling with TSP. I spackled to fill in all the grooves. I used an electric sander to rough up everything and smooth out all of the spackle.

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When I purchased my house, unbeknownst to me the ceilings, except kitchen and baths, were painted with Calcimine sp?  Later I painted the kitchen and baths with mildew proof paint and of course no problem.  Some years later I painted one of the bedroom ceilings and later the paint began

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Primer peeling off new greenboard

We recently added a 3 season sunroom and the wall that backs to our home was converted to green board. I patched, sanded, and wiped down the drywall. Then I primed it with Zinnser 123. A week later, I used blue painters tape at the bottom of the wall to

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Elestomeric paint for ceiling with seasonal hairline cracks

Need to paint over large ceiling that has several stretchable caulked seasonal cracks. Can elastomeric paint be painted on to accommodate the seasonal contracting & expanding of the cracks without the paint flaking off due to the contracting phase?   The caulk itself is stretchable type. If not elastomeric, then what

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Bathroom Paint Issue

I painted my bathroom with satin Superpaint from Sherwin Williams. It is paint and primer in one. I painted over existing paint. After applying the second coat, while it was still wet, the paint began peeling off in sheets. It peeled clean off of the drywall. It only did it

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Previous painted trex problems

We bought a home with a front porch that had dark green paint over a trex covered front porch floor. It looked like it needed a spruce up so we had it painted with Behr exterior gloss porch and floor paint in a lighter color. What a mistake! A week later

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Cracks in paint.

Kitchen and dining room have cracks in paint and have peeled away from walls and ceiling. Pretty sure it’s not from moisture. What is the cause and how do I fix it to repaint?

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How to repaint blistered ceiling?

I have recently had my lounge ceiling plastered and repainted. The plasterer used quick drying plaster and completed the whole job, plastering, mist coat and two additional coats, within 24 hours. He noticed pimples in the paint and thinks it may have been because the ceiling was too warm (not

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