Use Automotive Bondo to Repair Damaged Wood


Aloha from Hawaii

I’ve been painting for over 20 years and I found out that due to the tropical weather here in Hawaii really takes a punishment on the wood. I use automotive Bondo to repair termite damage and gouged wood. It hardens in minutes and is a lot better then other wood fillers.

I suggest that you practice this method prior to starting. Also make sure once you apply Bondo always oil prime that area that was repaired. It works wonders.

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  1. Automotive Bondo…???? What are you kidding ???
    Automotive bondo is formulated for metal and/or fiberglass and/or pmu applications, it is not for your house or any customer’s for that matter.

    With over 25+ years in Custom remodeling/renovation I/we have never ever used Bondo. What we use to repair damaged woods, especially on critical historic window sills, jamb header etc…etc…trim as well as structural frame-pieces is the products readily available by a company called Abatron…They’re online and their website is highly informative.

    If you are going to be professional, at least do your homework as far as materials and especially repairs.

    And BTW just using bondo on a rotted section will not stop the decay of the surrounding wood which you so conveniently covered up. Abatron also makes a two part liquid which reverses the decay process, thereby the affected wood becomes solid again and is then capable of adhesion to the filler and then after shaping it can be sanded, primed and painted.

    I would say that in a high moisture laden tropical environment like Hawaii, your call back rate must be in the highest percentile, thus ensuring constant revenues…..

  2. And how much does Abatron cost? I’m sure when you include the cost of shipping to Hawaii, that amounts to more than the average person would want to spend on repairing their wood. I have used body filler on termite damage, along with many friends. It works fine. Until you have lived in Hawaii, and experienced the cost of living and environmental factors, please keep your criticisms and opinions to yourself. Aloha

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