Craigslist for Better or Worse


As a frequent advertiser under the “skilled trade” section of Craigslist I am under the following impression of it’s readers.

Craigslist is a great free advertising site for just about everything. It has a following that tops all in the services that are offered. Its geographical boundaries are phenomenal. Most of the postings are indeed legitimate in nature and benefit many who seek certain items and services.

As a skilled contractor however it is disturbing to constantly be under the impression that you will work for practically nothing. Craigslist shoppers should understand that there are many highly qualified contractors who have vast amounts of experience and talent. They should also understand that the prices of materials, labor, and transportation equate into the final estimate.

Getting the cheapest price is not always a good rule of thumb for the consumer, and one should be very leery of this. Does the consumer dictate the price at the gas pump, the grocery store? No of course not. Gas and grocery prices are what they are and the consumer pays for them at the checkout counter. They do not ask for a lower fuel or grocery bill. How is it then that tradesman and qualified technicians be treated any different?

Craigslist shoppers should respect the contractors pricing or do the job themselves! This being said, “you get what you pay for”.

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  1. What you are stating applies to more advertisement mediums that just Craigslist. The bottom line is that the customer has no idea of the costs required to do work on their project. They can not relate to the costs of hiring a contractor (with business man prices) vs. hiring the contractors employee for $15.00 an hour. The customer always feels that the contractor is over charging them. They are just looking to save money!

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